About me

My name is Anna Noguera and I was born in 1992 in Igualada (Barcelona) and I’ve been practicing sport since then. I started at my school’s multisport program with swimming, football, basketball, handball, mountain bike, cross country… What I loved the most was athletics, and I practised it more seriously with my hometown club “Club Atlètic Igualada”.

I decided to go into triathlon thanks to Ramon Prat, who encouraged me to try duathlon and then triathlon. It was later, after training for some years with the Spanish High Performance Triathlon Young Group (from the National Federation) that I decided I want to live my life as a professional triathlete. It is so hard to make this dream come true, but we’re trying it with all my dedication and that of my close partners.

Now, I usually train in Igualada under Ignasi de la Rosa’s advice, but I also like to travel around the globe and change my training place and timetable. A very important part of my preparation is physical strength and injury prevention, as well as physiotherapist and osteopathy cares. Also Jose A López is part of my team taking care of my daily nutrition and race fueling plans. Apart, I count with the supervision of Xavi Reyes for biomechanics and aerodynamics and we are always looking for improvements.

I have improved and I am still improving in all the aspects and results are better and better every year. This last season 2019 has been the best of my sports career with my bronze medal in LD World Championship, victories and podiums in various national and international half and long distance races, top positions in 70.3 races and the Ironman 70.3 World Championship 2020 qualification in my pocket.

I am now looking forward to 2020 with more motivation than ever to train hard and beat myself with the best athletes of the world, and also with the big goal of my First Ironman as a professional triathlete.

My life project is going to take a big step with my participation at international competitions, and for this reason, I need an extra push and that’s where you can help me